Conspiracy Theories

How to discuss Politics in a "normal" conversation


Why is this a conspiracy?

I chose the picture (to the left of the screen) because it is exactly what politics has done. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent each year there is an election, but to win what? A popularity contest, that is exactly what it is. No average person knows anymore about how politics work than a politician themselves. All they want is to hold a title; this may not be true of all politicians but the majority of the "common folk" do not actually know if what the politicians say is really what they believe. How do we now if Democrats and Republicans actually exist? How do we know that ia all just smoke and mirrors? We do not really know and we never really know the truth and if that is not a conspiracy....what is?

Don't believe me?....Ask yourself this.....What is a Democrat? What is a Republican? What is the difference between them? Do you know?....I thought not.