Conspiracy Theories

The base in the desert...

In the remote desert of Southern Nevada, only 83 miles from Las Vegas the biggest government denial that has ever existed sits. This base is called Area 51 and it has always been shrouded in mystery. Officially this based has been used in projects like testing artillery in Gloom Lake. Then a 5000 foot runway was constructed and served as a landing base for cargo planes. Then it was involved in the OXCART Project, again involved in testing new kinds of aircraft. The operations have continued even into the 90s in experimentation. But thats like I said the "official" story but all this makes Area 51 look like a legitimate  military base but it has quite a tainted history. 
Including these supposed theories:

The Roswell UFO

If any of you remember one of first posts on this site....then you know already of my thoughts on Government interference in making the Roswell UFO disappear because the world may not be ready to see aliens but when you study something you need someplace to do it and when you do it in secret you need a place people can't get. Area 51 was once a legit military base but then one night in a little town called Roswell, New Mexico the discovery of an other worldly object prompted an immediate research study and Area 51 was born. The UFO was taken to the base for study where it has been studied and stored ever since and there has been numerous other conspiracies about what was found and what new technologies and even more strange occurrences have made Area 51 into the central area for research of the paranormal. 

Aliens among other things...

Its not only the discovery of technology or the aliens that Area 51 has been involved in. It has also served as a storage unit for the unexplained things. It also comes up with ideas for the unusual technologies that we read about in see in Si-Fi movies like the possibility of things like teleportation and time travels (as seen above). But no one knows exactly what happens there because the base has become restricted and no one has been able to go near the grounds that belongs to the base, patrols, fences, and wall to wal security...for what? 


Well here is the way I see it if this really is a legit base why is there so much security there? It is located in the middle of the desert...anyone traveling even close to that area will be seen before they can even think of trying to get past all of the security...then there is the issue of what is in there...if the government wanted to crush the rumors of what is in the base and get rid of the whole "Area 51" conspiracy.. but no...they keep it a secret and keep all of it out there and to me its not clear whether all that stuff is there or not but the government defiantly doesn't want people to see what is there...think about it....the atomic bomb was worked on that base and look what that became once that technology is developed we have been in fear of a nuclear war ever since and as humans we tend to have too much of a good thing and the minute we spout out new tech or information that is world changing it snowballs into something huge (like the threat of the nuclear war) So Area 51 is home to UFOs and many other technologies and there is no way that we will ever know what is in there until it is finally revealed...which won't be until we decide its time to release it and guess what....whenever that will never be the time because the Area 51 is someplace that i don't think should ever look in because it is s super size Pandora's Box that if it is opened it will end in a bad way.

Want an example?

Warehouse 13 (a Si-Fi drama television show) is the best example of the government protecting us against things that we just aren't ready to have because we are a power hungry people that...if we had the would be used by the powerful to gain more power and the weaker to be more weak.