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The Mysterious Adventures of Opus Dei...

Well you've waited long enough for this one! WE have all heard the name Opus Dei from the recent film, the Da Vinci Code. But the question is when you think of Opus Dei do we want to think of some albino whipping himself in the name of God or a peaceful organization. This is the question I will answer for you in this post...whether you agree or not I really don't care but i hope you'll comment because my blog is BORING! I have one discussion...COME ON people!

Well enough of that lets get to the content already huh?

So what is Opus Dei?

Well there are two theories out there that I would like to address and this is going to be a different post because I am actually going to tell what most people think before I get the conspiracy! Sounds fun right? Well just wait until you see the huge difference in the explanation....alright here we go!

Oh by the way don't worry about whether I will go on a rant or not about which one I believe because trust me...I WILL!!

The Opus Dei Organization

This organization was found by St. Josemaría Escrivá in Spain  1928 and Opus Dei members are involved in running universities, university residences, schools, publishing houses, and technical and agricultural training centres. It was officially recognized in 1950. Almost 90000 members world wide today with over 2000 priests of the organization. The basics of this organization are that everyone should live life like saints. 
Daily norms:

Weekly norms:

The Opus Dei Extremest

Thanks to for ultimconspiracyguide posting this outtake from The Da Vinci Code. 

The real Opus Dei?

Opus Dei controversies have been centered around alleged secretiveness in its recruiting methods, the alleged strict rules governing members, the practice by celibate members of mortification of the flesh, and the alleged participation by some in authoritarian or extreme right-wing governments. Within the Catholic Church, Opus Dei is also criticized for allegedly seeking independence and more influence. Ah a take over that nice... and Opus Dei is connected to many different governments that have been hostile through the years including Hitler. All of Opus Dei's problems strife because they are trying to assert power over the Catholics. 

Also i would like to add that Priory of Sion (later post) and Opus Dei have absolutely no relationship despite the notion that The Da Vinci Code makes both them out to be.

What do I think?

Guess?...Of course they are up to no good I mean come on...people (slap to face) wake up. When religion starts to get political that is never a good thing and not to mention the fact that the organization has been up to no good sense its beginning. Once a shifty organization always a shifty organization. There is the possibility that this sect of Christianity is a good thing or did start out with good intentions but as far as what they are up to, nah don't believe it. After the Da Vinci Code movie they made a huge fuss about how it pictured them but it never said anything about it when the book was published. So why on and not the other? Defensive much?! Yeah i think so ...well thats enough for now make sure to comment on my blog "Talk to Me." This is suspicion88 signing off....