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There are Aliens!!

Well you guys probably figured it wouldn't be long before aliens became a topic of concern for this conspiracy theorist. Everyone has probably heard the words "Area 51"..."Roswell." Then there are shows like Star Trek and Star Wars that show aliens has an everyday life experience, could that be the same here? So many different people and so many different Hollywood films have put there slip of paper in the the ballot box of whether life beyond Earth is possible or not. The debate will run on forever if the government sees fit. 

The story of a U.F.O...

The report of an object crashing in Roswell, New Mexico.
In the 3rd July of 1947 in a town called Roswell, New Mexico an unidentified object that had crash landed there. Soon after the Roswell Daily Record (seen to the right) published an article that put very clearly that this object was in fact an U.F.O. The United States Military denied these claims and said that it was an experimental weather balloon. (YEAH RIGHT). It was still speculated that it was an alien craft with dead alien bodies inside that the army decided to experiment on. But good luck proving it. It was 30 years before even the local U.F.O researchers took a look back into the incidents at Roswell. In 1978 physicist and ufologist Stanton T. Friedman interviewed Major Jesse Marcel who was there during the original recovery of whatever it was. He said that that it was his belief that the military covered up an actual alien aircraft and the story boomed throughout the conspiracy theory community. It even resulted in a National Enquirer appearance in February of 1980. After that many new witness came forward with "new information" involving the incident (convenient) and this spanned into the 90s as more and more witnesses came forward.

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Alien Autopsy

There were many reports that aliens had actually been autopsied and there were videos that surfaced that showed them. See for yourself!
A thanks to the poster of this video jchau.

What did I think happened?

Well whether there are aliens or not is another question for a different post but whether there was a U.F.O was the thing that crash landed and I'll be the first to admit it is defiantly a some kind of outer space vehicle. Wether or not there was dead aliens inside I'm not sure that the government would leak the video above to a someone who plaster it on the internet but then again the video could not be authentic. I'd say the government does not want the truth of aliens to come out until they are sure there will not be a pre invasion panic among the people of the world. As for the "witnesses" I will admit that some may actually be legitimate the older ones are the most likely but the newest I doubt they actually have information and just looking for air time because it is very hard to believe that all those people would wait until the mid 90s before saying anything.

Live long and prosper! See you on the next post.