Conspiracy Theories

Los Alamos

It was 1945 and the University of California had just made a contract that started a new lab in Arizona but here is the catch...the university didn't know where the lab was or what the lab was even for. Well this is the lab where the Manhattan Project took place and as everyone knows this is where the atomic bomb was made and tested. The lab had thousands of employees that included the worlds top scientists to help develop the bomb and the existence of the lab was not known until after the bombs where dropped in Japan that the team and the location was released. The work was culminated in the testing of the first nuclear test on July 16, 1945 codenamed "Trinity" then the next two nuclear weapons were put to use in ending World War 2. 

Port Chicago

It was July 16, 1944 that the Chicago Naval Port was in happened aboard the USS Quinault that was being loaded with weapons and just before it happened the crew heard a metallic clang followed by an explosion that caused a small fire and before anything else could happen a second more deadly explosion hit the ship and everything went to chaos. The USS Quinault was blown out of the water, the USS Bryan (which was docked to unload) was completely destroyed, and the US Fire Rescue Boat was thrown 600 ft and sank on that spot. 390 sailors and civilians were injured with 320 being killed and of those who were killed only 51 could actually be given identities. Many where African American soldiers who had just graduated the academy. 

Photos of the explosion...


You know its really easy to see what this event was all about. I have it limited down to 2 options that could have happened. The first of which is US has a clear history that says that we exploded the first nuclear bomb in the desert of Los Alamos and then proceeded to drop the next in Japan. Well having a prototype being shipped in a highly populated area and then not only does it go off by accident it causes a 18,000 foot cloud! I would tell everyone that it was only munitions....but then again what if that was the point...what if they were testing it on a populated area to access the damage? To see what they really had created now they wouldn't want to test it in a really populated area so why not blow it at the dock and without the radiation to be sure that they had what they wanted and from what happened in Japan i guess they got the answer they wanted...