Conspiracy Theories

The JFK Assassination


  • Unlikely
  • Probable
  • Possible
  • Most likely
  • Does anyone even know him? so no
  • Also probable


The words in the column to the right above this text is my opinion on the likely hood of each of these people committing each crime. NOw because I don't want to have to the work for you I'm going to leave it up to you to decide why I think these things and possibly find an opinion of your own....or maybe you already do.

The Theory of the Driver!!

This video shows a clear bias towards the opinion that the driver killed Kennedy and got away with it but this theory was never fully investigated.

A thanks to bobharris77 who posted this video on November 14, 2008.
This video "debunks" the theory of the driver with some pretty good evidence to back up his story.

A thanks to Robert80z who posted this video on August 06, 2008.

SO many views...

There are so many theories and facts and figures to the JFK Assassination and because of this by the time I put them down you would be so bored I would lose a loyal viewer of my opinion. OH!! I almost forgot...I never told you what I think happened that day. Well I'm a fan of my own explanation, I believe that Kennedy was killed because he trying to change the government system and because of this a community decision by every one involved in all 3 branches of Government and they sent snipers. The shots where way too close to ever believe that there was any less than 3 shooters and so they shot JFK. Then they also framed Lee Harvey Oswald and orchestrated Oswald's own assassination and burned the agent sent to kill him, Jack Ruby. Those snipers where killed before they got out of Dallas and silenced the event forever. What the government didn't count on was all of these conspiracies and because of them the secret will always be opened to be reveled. Now to the image you see to the right of the screen. How could such a plain car have held so many secrets? That's why that image was chosen, because in reality I don't think the truth will ever be reveled...if one ever existed! So many theories...I have a few sites below that help those out there that want to know more about the event in Dallas. Good luck conspiracy theorists in training!!

Here are those links. But this certainly isn't all of them!