Conspiracy Theories

The Project...

 The Goals of the Project:
Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.
Substances which increase the efficiency of mentation and perception.

Materials which will prevent or counteract the intoxicating effect of alcohol.
Materials which will promote the intoxicating effect of alcohol.
Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.
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Most of what this project entails was experiments were the test of many methodologies to manipulate individual mental states and alter brain functions including the surreptitious administration of drugs and other chemicals, sensory deprivation, isolation and verbal and sexual abuse. All those fancy words mean just that they were experimenting with mind control. One of the most experimented methods is the use of the drug LSD. When the project finally got off the ground in April of 1953. Now the reason this was able to take place was the use of LSD was legal until 1966. One of the more public experiments was Operation Midnight Climax where the CIA set up brothels in San Fran and "recruited"  men who they knew that would never talk about it, the men were dosed with LSD and sent in those buildings. In another experiment the participants were given LSD for 77 days in a row. Then LSD was dismissed because of "unpredictable results." Other drugs involved were temazepam (used under code nameMKSEARCH), heroinmorphineMDMAmescalinepsilocybinscopolamine,marijuanaalcoholsodium pentothal, and ergine. Then in the early 50s MK-Ultra studied hypnosis and goals for these experiments was the creation of "hypnotically induced anxieties" and many others. And there are a number of Canadians Experiments to read about.

The Revelation

 In 1973 CIA Director Richard Helms ordered that all of the files from MK-Ultra was to be destroyed and most of the files were destroyed and a full investigation of the project was never possible. But some 20,000 documents survived the purge of paperwork and were incorrectly stored in a financial record building and were discovered 1977 and they were investigated during the Senate Hearings. But before that in 1974 The New York TImes reported that CIA had conducted illegal experiments on U.S citizens but no one figured on how deep it went. After the revelation many other experiments surfaced from places like the US Army.



This is one of those conspiracies where it is really hard to decide what i believe but...NAH...This was a stupid stupid stupid experiment...some government official said hey lets try this and the sneaky people at the CIA said something like hey if this works we will have a whole new way to interrogate people but the project failed so the CIA said lets get rid of this before anyone finds out but human error intervened and the project was exposed but not entirely and that was the only luck that the CIA could have gotten. But its also the most scary as well because no one but the people involved know what really happened and they have long since died or have been shut down by the CIA ton ensure no one can really find out. But remember do we really know the project  did fail. What if they were successful. Then wouldn't it be a good idea to tell everyone it didn't by some of the project surviving enough to confirm it didn't work...sounds like one of those conspiracies doesn't it? WELL IT IS! THIS IS BY FAR ONE OF THE WORST COVER UPS AND WORSE YET IS THAT IT WAS ACHIEVED BY EXPERIMENTING ON US CITIZENS AND THAT IS THE WORST KIND....sorry about that...well this is suspicion88 saying see u next time...