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Well Martin you pose a good question and you are right the structure of our government SHOULD be a conspiracy! It will be a post for later. In contrast to your comments if the government was spoken of less the country would be in better shape because when people aren't talking about the government it simply means that there nothing to talk about and if there is less to talk about it stands to reason that there would be a reason for it. That reason is that it is running smoothly and the point that I try to get across is that the only way to keep the government from turning the country into a free for all over something as subjective as politics. And i have something for you to answer when you have had these "political discussions" how many have ended in raised voices or the phrase "Lets stop before this gets out of hand!" 

Martin I am surprised that you didn't catch yourself. If you are trying to tell me that a quiet government could be victim  to a corrupt government then why would you want a government to be transparent or should I say exposed! A government who has no secrets is just as bad as one that has all secrets. What I am waiting for is a country that can find that common ground and the only people in a country that can find that common ground is people that by definition are common. If you put trust into the people and they will find the way...There are millions of unheard voices in this country that have nothing but fresh ideas. And when the government realizes this is when the country can thrive by having the people decide what they want in their country and thats how this thing called unity works a limited go
2/6/2011 15:42:45

Alex... Darn it man! I feel the utter need to lay into you about how terribly uneducated this Polotics Conspiracy sounds. It is inadvertantly important who is in the seats of our congress, courtrooms, and oval office! If these people do not have common goals, they cannot work proficiantly in the American government. The only way to get people who share common goals in office is to seperate them into groups. Naturally, there seem to be two groups. Liberals and conservatives are labled as Democrats and Republicans in the United States, and make up the vast majority of the races for any office. Without these general devisions, people would have to talk about polotics even more, to combat the fact that candidates don't classify their beliefs. This runs contredictory to your first arguement, that politics should be spoken less of. Also, if the people did not discuss openly the goings on of our government, then the government would be run by a select group, not by the people, for the people. As we have seen from history, when a small number of people gain too much power, such as this scenario would create, these people become corrupt, and the nation falls (Example:Egypt). Ok, it is one forty one in the morning, I have more to say, but I'm too lazy. Thanks for reading my rant bro!

2/6/2011 15:51:24

And in answer to your question, yes I can define a democrat and a republican. A democrat is a person who identifies with the democratic party. They usualy are more liberal in thought, and believe in a big government. A government that takes care of the people, keeps them safe, and in return, revokes some freedoms. A republican is a person who identifies with the republican party. They usually are more conservative in thought, and believe in small government. A government that makes little, and does not give the people much in terms of money. A government who's largest task is protecting its people from outside threats. This type of government leaves the individual with many freedoms, but also is a little more dangerous. So the question is, do you want less freedom and lots of safety, or lots of freedom and less safety? That is the big question of polotics.

2/8/2011 09:33:24

Well Alex, you actually didn't ask a question, but I bet you were trying to ask how often those conversations have ended like that, and honestly, I very seldom end a conversation with yelling. I either press through my opponents emotional outbreak, or, our discussion never gets to that point. Usually those conversations end in an agreement over some point. Also, I agree that a quiet government can reflect a stable and working government, which is a point we have not reached yet. This is why we must talk about it now. A quiet government may also signify, preceed, or intice a corrupt government. Therefore I submit that our government should only have its military and police procedures kept secret. Also, you of all people should know what a conspiracy is, a conspiracy is secretive. I do not want our government to be secretive, I want it to be nigh translucent.

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